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CHI Company

Anybody know anything about what might be currently going on with this company?

Placed an order mid November. Got a UPS tracking # AND my CC was billed.

NO product. NO UPS order status. NO response to 3 emails & 1 phone call.

Getting pretty pissed and I DEFINITELY won’t be letting that CC payment be going through until I get some product and / or communication.

I have ordered from them in the past without issue but this just might cement the last dealing I EVER have with this business. :evil:

Christmas / Holidays is NO EXCUSE!

Good Luck

Just answered then phone on the 1st ring for me. Haven’t heard of any issues. :?

Thanks for the heads up.

Just called and was able to get an answer on my order.

I am satisfied with their response. They were up front and apologetic.

Good Luck

When I dealt with them a couple of years ago communication was very slow. I think it a small shop with few employees. Lost of irons in the fire so to speak.

I have huge confidence in the company as I have had plenty of orders come through with no issues.

I also was given the heads up by one of the long time employees 3 years ago when I was calling to inquire about thread sizing for converting pin locks as I had been given 4 that I wanted to convert and was very informative about this matter. He then went on to tell me that the supply of ball locks was drying up fast and when I went into details with the guy he gave me the bottom line of #'s of kegs left throughout the US and they were scooping up 75% of them. You better believe I went out and bought 6 immediately for $100 flat. I’m glad he was upfront on the matter even though he knew I wasn’t going to be buying the units from him.

Glad you got a response from him Duder. I’ve purchased from him before, and he has always been VERY accomodating to my numerous questions via phone…even when the business phone transferred to his cell not during business hours.

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