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Chest Freezer Has a Defrost Drain, which Leaks

My Danby DCF700W1 Chest freezer has a defrost drain that unfortunately leaks. I’m not sure if its supposed to. It would seem that water vapor condenses on the sides and falls down along with some beer (leaky picnic taps) then ends up on the floor. I’ve never had a chest freezer. Are the defrost drain lids supposed to be sealed? I bought it used so I wasn’t sure if this was by design or not.

It’s supposed to drain. That’s the idea behind it.

Yeah, but it’s not supposed to drool all over the floor. Sounds like a leaky drain petcock or drain plug, If it’s a plug, I would just replace it with an appropriately sized cork or rubber stopper to stop the leak. A bad petcock might require replacement, either with a new one, or maybe it could be simply removed and replaced with a stopper.

Some of those drains have a threaded port to attach a garden hose. You could find a pvc threaded cap if that’s the case…or a hose plug.

I have 3 chest freezers and never use the drains in the bottom to clean them out. If it was me, I would put some clear silicone one the threads and seal it up for good.

I use a chest freezer as a keezer and keep it in my garage here in South Carolina. I keep a small bowl under the drain because it does drip every now and then. Permanently sealing the drain would not allow water to escape, thus causing the buildup of mold and other unwanted things growing in the bottom. When cleaning, I just wipe mine out with a rag.

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