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Cherry puree. How much

So next week. Hope the order will be on bonaire. Gonna brew. A cherry beer. Did order cherry puree two cans. Think they are 3 lbs each. But how do i add them. During the boil. Or in secondary. And how much. Did order two cans just in case. I dont have enough. Plan for a all grain 5 gal batch. Not that im a cheap bastad. O wait im dutch. Haha. Fresh chries way to expensive here one lbs 8 us dollar. So went for puree

You have a bucket to ferment in? When I’ve done fruit additions in the past when I used carboys, I would rack my beer to a bucket, place the fruit in a large nylon bag, and then submerge the bag into the beer. The fruit will restart fermentation and the bag makes it easy to pull out any solids that were in the purée.

As far as amount… I’ve never used cherries so others may be able to point to a better ratio, but usually a good place to start is 1lb fruit per 1gal beer.

Sorry, I’m American so you get it in pounds and gallons! :wink:

I’ve brewed NB’s Dawson’s Kriek and it uses 6 pounds(2 cans) of cherry puree for 5 gallons. Cherry taste was spot on for my tastes. Put the cherry into secondary.



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A combination of 1) splitting the batch in secondary and 2) blending just before bottling will give you the option of taste testing a number of different strengths of cherry flavor. For me, three bottles is often enough to get a good feel as to what the “right” amount could be - sample one bottle at two or three weeks after bottling, one botle at 6 weeks, and one bottle at 10 weeks. Grab a copy of Brewing Better Beer from your work library & take a look at chapter 8 for some additional ideas.

Me only use pounds and gallons. At home. At the brewey. Change my software to metric. For fermenting gonna use the speidel fermentor.

Ok. Will do this. Now i am on my way to finish my brew plan

Not to hijack your thread Wilco, but I’m about where you are in the process also. I have 36 ounces of concentrate, but will likely use less, thinking 12 ounces. So @loopie_beer , I could add the cherry concentrate to the keg, rack the saison on top and use the keg for secondary?

Thought I might jump in here I brew a lot of fruit beers 6 pounds for five gallons will be enough as Ron said thats what I use for most my cherry wheats and chocolate cherry stout. What works the best is as loopie said add to secondary. First put your cherry puree in then rack the beer on top it and try not mixing it up too much. This will help you have a clear beer at the end by not mixing it up too much. Should only take a about five to seven days after adding your puree for fermentation to complete. I also like to mention that if you like sours after you keg or bottle use that yeast cake and what’s left over will add a unique sour taste to a wheat or pale colored beer with a hint of sour to it

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You can use your keg as a true secondary as long as you have enough space. Remember that fermentation will restart.

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Me using heineken kegs. Ok for secondary. But for adding fruit. I think i might clock up the pipe inside the keg once the keg locked up kind of pain to open again only once empty again. Gonna use the carboy add the purree transfer rack the beer and wait

Dont worry the more info the beter

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