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Cherry Chocolate Rye Brown Ale

I would appreciate advice on this recipe. I am going for a drinkable American Brown with “holiday” characteristics. i.e.: I can serve it at a Xmas party and people will recognize its uniquely festive character.

OG: 1.065
FG: 1.016
SRM: 25.4
IBUs: 39

American 2 -row 7#
German Munich: 3#
US Rye Malt: 1.5#
Honey Malt: 1#
Pale Chocolate: .5#
C60: .5#
Chocolate Rye: .5#
Carapils: .5#
Special B: .125#
Belg Biscuit: .125#

1 oz Chinook @ 60
.4 Perle @ 20
3 oz Cascade @ 0

3 oz cherry extract in keg

Notes: Cascades at flameout add orange flavor. rye adds spice to cut maltiness of munich/honey. Too much roastiness?

Advice appreciated, thanks! :cheers:

That’s a lot of honey malt, especially with all the other crystal malts you have. I use honey malt a lot but I find even 10-12 ounces to be too much in most recipes. I don’t think the rye will “cut” the maltiness, nor do I think you’ll even notice it with everything else you have in that recipe. If you want to taste the rye I think you’ll need a few pounds at least. 3 oz of cascade won’t necessarily add orange, just hop aroma and some flavor. And 3 oz of cherry extract will make it taste like artificial crap. I’d start with an ounce or less, or better yet, fresh or concentrate. Good luck.

Thanks. I will take your advice on more rye and real fruit/no extract. I disagree about honey malt. The NB cream ale recipe uses 12ounces against an almost entirely 2row background and it’s not that noticeable. Also I think late addition cascades impart oranginess. Jus me. Thx again.

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