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Check my recipe please

I was bored at home yesterday and decided I would brew a 5 gallon batch of beer.
I wanted to make something myself and not use a kit. This is what I came up with.
What are your opinions on it?? What are your thoughts on how this will come out??


8oz Carapils Malt
8oz Crystal Malt

3 lbs Muntons light DME
3.3 lbs plain amber malt extract


Irish Moss

Boil 2.5 gallons of water
Steep grains for 20 minutes as water heats.
At boil:
Add Muntons light DME and Plain Amber Malt

Return to boil and start 60 minute timer.
At 60 minutes add 1.5 Oz Tettnang Hops
At 30 minutes add .5 Oz Hallertrau Hops
At 20 minutes add 1 Tsp Irish Moss
At 5 minutes add .5 Oz Tettnang and .5 Oz Hallertrau Hops

Finish Boil
Chill to 75 Degrees with Ice bath and IC.
Strained into carboy and finish with adding remainder of water to the 5 gallon mark.
Aerate by shaking.

Pitch 1 vial of White Labs WLP001 California Ale Yeast

Which crystal malt?

The Amber malt extract contains C-60 and some Munich. Adding an additional pound of carapils/crystal might be overboard.

Other wise it seems like a good brew.

I would use add the DME to some cool water to get it disolved. Then add to the hot/boiling water. Adding the LME 5 minutes before the end. With the heat turned off. When it comes back to a boil add the final hop additions.

This will help with keeping the wort from caramelizing and darkening the beer.

I think it was Crystal 40L

Although amber malt has crystal 60 or 40, adding a half pound of crystal 60 will impart a freshness and authentic character to the beer. By the other hand, adding Carapils its a big no no in extract, it will only make a cloudy and hazy beer.

is that because there’s already an ample amount of dextrin malt used in the extract?

Carapils has no diastatic power, so it needs to be mashed, if you steeped it will contribute unconverted starch and will cause starch haze.

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