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Cheapo regulator

We got all the way to Florida and I discovered I forgot my regulator. Three of them still up north doing me no good. :rage: So I looked to Amazon and came up with this

Looks pretty cheap and a couple of bad reviews but one lesson I have learned is when your are not using the gas, shut it off unless you really trust your equipment. Most of the reviews are good and I took a chance. Had to buy a new gas QD and tubing also.

I will reply when it arrives and I have a chance to try it out.

That list price is absolutely ridiculous but I’d rock that regulator as my backup for 20 bucks. I do trust my equipment and setup but I always turn my gas off when I know it won’t be used for extended periods of time. Let us know how she works out for you then

For $20 I’d go for it. Looking at the regulator body, and other components, I’d bet money it’s coming from the same factory as some of the offerings from Kegco, Beverage Factory, Fermentap, etc.

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Worth a shot at that price.


Should be here by Tuesday. As soon as I get it hooked up I will report back.

Nothing to lose.

That’s what I figured. I have an old regulator that I cannot get a rebuild kit for that has good gauges and stuff so if the parts are cheap ones there are spare ones to swap. Problem is they are 1600 miles away. That would be about 2575km @wilcolandzaat

We will see next week. I left two full kegs last spring and that’s all I have here so we need to get drinking them to have an empty.

Maybe get parts. From a company. Who does sell. Oxygen regulator. Parts. We do buy at my work. For our oxygen and gas. Regulators. From a company in ny

It came early and I hooked it up to my tank. I do not have the tubing or QD yet so I can’t really test it but with the out closed off and set to 12lbs it seems to creep up. The adjustment knob turns a little hard but I can adjust it.

I need to get a spray bottle and fill it with soapy to test for leaks when every thing is hooked up. Then I will set it again and watch the gauge. The seller sent with it a direct contact number if there are any problems. That’s a good sign.

Sometimes manufacturing debris gets stuck behind the diaphragm, and the pressure will creep.

Try this:

  1. Close tank valve
  2. turn regulator to full pressure and close outlet valve
  3. quickly open and close the tank valve a couple times (the theory here is small debris will blow out the PRV as you open the tank valve)

Good info. I will try that.

I got the hose and QD a couple of days ago and hooked it all up. Before actually connecting it to the keg I opened up the tap to see how carbonation was in the La Petite Orange I kegged and primed last April. Using NBs carbonation calc it turned out way over carbonated. So much I released some of the pressure with PR valve, which scares the crap out of one dog for some reason, and poured 1/2 beer 1/2 glasses of foam. :rage: After it settles down by pouring the 1/2 glasses together then topping it off with some foam, it’s pretty tasty. I know better than to use the full amount of sugar for bottling in a keg so next time I will try half as much and can always finish with force.

Not hooked to the keg the regulator still sneaks up a little but I am slowly setting it lower so it can advance to about 12lbs. I won’t dare leave it on when connected for fear it will sneak up and re-over carbonate the keg.

I’m over the rant about over carbonating the Saison so here is my take on the cheapo regulator. Buy one! For the measly $20 if nothing else it is a great backup. Once the beer calmed down by pouring without the CO2 connected I hooked everything up it worked like every other one I have owned YMMV. I’m not convinced enough to leave it on all of the time but for an emergency aka I had no regulator with me it works great.

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I think I’ll pick one up and another tank to keep in the garage/walk in fridge in the winter

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