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Chateau Northern Lambic Grand Cru Kit?

So is NB no longer selling the Chateau Northern kit? I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the website.

If so, that’s WAY too bad! Probably the tastiest and most popular extract kit I’ve ever made – my wife and friends ensured that the bottles didn’t last too long.

You could always recreate it from the recipe. ... rthern.pdf

True – but it’s quite a bit more expensive that way! I guess I’ll just take the ingredients list to my LHBS.

I just “finished” making my Lambic Grand Cru from the kit I bought from NB. I did the whole 3-year secondary fermentation. The result is not so exciting. It’s a good basic Belgian-style beer, but not worth the time and expense. Can you tell me what yours tasted like? Maybe I need to educate my palate. Thanks.

For mine, I kept it in the carboy for 29 months, then added Hungarian oak chips (soaked in vodka) for a further 7 months - the result was crisp with a pleasing but not overwhelming sour presence that really came alive with food pairings such as cheese platters. I guess it’s a matter of what you’re expecting to find - I thought it was a real thirst-quencher that didn’t overpower the palate.

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