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Changing keg lines

Any recommendations for new liquid keg lines? I’ve read a lot of reviews where people are getting a plastic taste in there lines.

I’ve had no issues with vinyl tubing as long as it is food grade. There is some good general info on tubing here.

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I’ve had the same food grade vinyl tubing for 4-5 years with no issues.

I think the vinyl is fine; I bought mine from a plumbing supply store…it only causes cancer if you use it in California apparently :laughing:
No off tastes, plastic or otherwise noted.
Cleans well with PBW and a beer line brush followed by star san.


Do you have a plastic taste, or is it just time to replace because cleaning is no longer helping?

I’m not sure what reviews you’re reading, but regular NSF beverage grade tubing should be sufficient, and is rated for pressure. You can get fancy with the antimicrobial beverage tubing, or the stiffer barrier tubing like you find in commercial applications.

Make sure all liquid lines use the same tubing though. All three of the above mentioned offer a different resistance value, and that will need to be taken into consideration when determining the proper length.

I’ve been using this stuff for years, and have never had a complaint: 3/16" ID Beverage Line Tubing

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I would use one that’s part of the NSF products. Sneezles61

I swear I’m sensitive to vinyl off flavor. I swapped for bev-seal ultra with john guest fittings. Stiff but coil ok. Overkill for a homebrew application maybe. Tight in a 4 keg keezer but I don’t mind. Some people say you need like 20 ft per faucet but I have 10 ft and serve between 10-12 psi no issues.

It’s just time to change the lines. What do you recommend as far as cleaning lines?

I’ve always used BLC; works like a charm. I make a gallon of it, and use a little “cannonball” keg that I bought from our host to push it through the lines.

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I clean mine with beer. haha…i’ve run star san through the lines a couple times if I had a beer that was possibly infected or if I pushed trub/hops from the bottom of a keg.

Edit: Just looked back through my posts to try and remember how long I’ve been kegging. Got my first kegs Mar 2013. Maybe it’s time to think about replacing the lines…haha

BLC, beer line cleaner, is very effective… Come think about it, bars usually have their lines for… How many years? They run more through their lines and well… maybe they don’t collect as much beer stone, and who knows what else… food for thought… Sneezles61

Any respectable establishment with draft beer should – at a minimum – be cleaning their lines every two weeks. Our brewer insists on weekly line cleanings.

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If you’ve ever had a draft beer from a bar with funky lines, its unmistakable. I pointed it out to the “bartender” who gave me the infamous eye-roll. Just tried to save them from themselves…

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Our local watering hole has in floor heat… The brew lines come through the floor from the walk in kegerator… About 30’ away… They are insulated… But the glycol lines are not used…
So, a wonderful Summit EPA on tap got… funky after about 2 weeks… Heck, I was a great guy and informed them… It took a few of us not drinking Summit before they hired an outfit to clean their lines weekly!! Sneezles61

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