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Changing Keg adapters

This is definitely a newbie question, but I bought a two tap kegerator and it was set up to use the sankey couplers and the kegs I bought from Northern Brewer are set up to use ball locks. I prefer the ball locks and changing the CO2 tank connects to a ball lock isn’t a problem, but the kegerator’s lines that run up to the tap are for sankey couplers. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I should do/buy/change to connect the tap lines to the kegs?

I bought the hardware at NB (it’s my LHBS) and just cut off the beer line right at the Sankey fitting. Slipped a hose clamp on the line, squeezed in the barbed part of a swivel nut, then tightened the hose clamp. Tightened the swivel nut onto the ball lock fitting, and done.


If you use these swivel nuts as @uberculture mentioned you can switch easily between ball lock, pin lock, and sankey couplers.

For sankey you will need these tail pieces.

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Basically what I have is what @loopie_beer linked only my LHBS set up the Sankey with short pieces of hose.

For the swivel nut and tail pieces you will also need small nylon washers For the ball lock or pin lock quick disconnect they are not needed as the ends are plastic.

No offense to NB but look around for the washers as I think that is a little pricey for them. Think my LHBS sells them for a dime or a quarter each.

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