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Change in WLP007 Behavior (washed yeast)

Something odd I noticed about my WLP007 starter (washed)…

When I built my first starter the clumps were much large. After using that starter, washing it, then building another starter, the clumps are much smaller. It still drops pretty quick and compacts at the bottom.

The starter fermented quick too.

If the clumping is flocculation, then it is flocculating different now.

Should I not save this from the next batch, opt for a new vial & start saving again?

For those of you that have washed and reused WLP007 - do you see the same thing (smaller clumping) or is something different going on with mine?

My guess is that due to the nature of washing yeast you got a sample of the less floculant yeast that stayed in suspension longest and then those characterostics multiplied in your starter. But it could also just look different with no significant change to the strain’s characterics. Either way unless you thought it was contaminated by something I would 100% use it

Good points - thanks for the feedback. I pitched about 1.5L of a 2L starter into a Stone Double Bastard clone (starting gravity 1.104).

Signs of fermentation started in a few hours (light top-foaming). At 6 hours, it was off-gassing already. At 12 hours, full fermentation began.


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