Centennial Hops for Arrogant Bastard?

I’ve got a lot of Centennial hops vacuum packed in the freezer. The AA is 11.4.

For the last batch of Arrogant Bastard, the recipe called for Chinook, nearly four ounces.

What are your thoughts of Centennial as a replacement for Chinook in Arrogant Bastard? I’d like to use what I have.

I also have a bunch of Cascade and Perle.

I’m looking for “ball park” not direct clone.

Just about every recipe for AB I’ve seen has only Chinook in it.
FWIW, I’ve tried to make AB a few times and was never close enough.


I think towards the end of this thread somebody nails down a pretty good clone recipe. As for the centennial they may make a good beer but it wont be a clone. One of the big parts of this beers flavor is that almost harsh piney bite that chinook brings.

Here is a recipe where they dont use only Chinock https://www.homebrewing.org/assets/imag … astard.pdf I know its extract but im just talking about the hops.

Won’t be AB without the Chinook, but it’ll still be good. Use WLP007 if you can.

Why not make a Two Hearted Ale? It is all Centennial.

It’s all Chinook now for me. Thanks for the input!