Cellar science yeast

Got some Cali yeast from this company. Anyone try it? I’m not familiar with this company. The packs are 12g so a bit more than Safale

No, but following with interest. Always looking at dry yeast as my primary go to these days.

The reason I bought it was it was 1/2 the cost of SafAle-US05 and just needed to get to the free shipping threshold. I figured it’s the Chico strain. I’ll put it in the rotation for my next west coast

I’ve used it. I believe Morebeer is behind it. And I’ve heard rumors that it’s the same as Safale just repackaged from larger bricks of yeast.
Edited: and it worked fine. No side by side but I didn’t notice any difference.


Didn’t want to name drop but got 10% and free shipping from MoreBeer. Williams is giving away free scale they have good deals on grain also.

In addition to the comments I made on your other thread about Homebrew shops and costs- you can tell things are getting very competitive among these online stores by the amount of sales they offer and the fact that they are often extended.

So- I used cellar science ‘German’ on a lager I just made. Within a week it dropped clear. Got good attenuation out of it to at 83%. This beer is CRYSTAL clear.

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Would you say it compares to safelager w34/70

Compares exactly. As I mentioned I believe that MoreBeer/Cellar Science is buying larger packages and repackaging them. But this dropped crystal clear so quickly. I know a lot goes into that but I was shocked.