Cask with leaky bung

I’ve got an English bitter in the cask about 2 weeks. Hoping to serve it next weekend ( in 6 days) Noticed a couple of days ago a little beer on floor around the cask. I pounded in the bung a little more, it was already seated pretty well. I had to leave for weekend friday night and came home today, (Sunday) and there is still a bit of a leak. I can hear it vent after I pounded it a little again, and can see where the beer has been trickling out. It may have been different that I rested the keg standing up, instead of down with bung up like I will for serving. I only used about 3 oz of priming sugar. I’ve done this before with up to 5 oz, so I don’t think it’s that I used too much sugar. Perhaps it’s just a particularly lively beer. I’m afraid to remove the bung and replace it, could be quite a mess. I was thinking I’ll just put it in the cold now, at 50 degrees (it’s been at 70 the last two weeks). I thought i might put a little food grade lube around the bung. Anybody had this problem? Any suggestions? I"m afraid the beer will be flatter than usual.

Try melting candle wax all around and on top of the bung? Sneezles61