Cask Storage?

How long can I keep a untapped cask in storage?


OK …secondary fermented…with priming sugar, clarifying agent and Hops. How long can I put that puppy on a shelf before it has to have its bung busted?

I’ve got a brew I love to cask condition. I usually watch the gravity(tasting the brew too) until I get to 1.020…. Then i rack to my keg. I will roll it on its side fer 3-5 weeks, and yes, try some. You’ll know when the brew is ready as the flavor is full and the pour cascades almost like a nitro pour. My basement/walk out is about 65 during the summer, which is when I like to cask condition. Maybe seems too warm yet once poured into a chilled glass… It doesn’t last long when the friends find out. again, chilled glass is vital. Sneezles61

Thanks for the response…