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Cask Conditioning

This is my second true cask, I’ve tried with Korny kegs, but purchased a pin. I decided to brew the Innkeeper Ale, trying to get :?

It should be fine unless it is a really low gravity bitter. If it is in the 1.040s it should be fine. Lowering the temp will help the beer clear, but do not go below 50 or you will lose some flavor. I have just casked in kegs and party pigs, but I would not worry about secondary. I usually go right into the serving vessel as soon as primary is finished. I usually primary for 10 days since some English yeasts produce a lot of diacetyl.

Thanks, I’ve made quite a few English bitters, and never had a problem with diacetyl , that I"ve recognized. I’m used to thinking about it in lagers only. I’m used to using a secondary in all my beers. I’ll be careful with the temp. This is just my second cask. I guess I’ve bottle conditioned several as well, they all age morethan this will, and have been fine. I guess I’m a little more concerned since this is a party, built around the cask, so a little more pressure than usual. Guess I’ll just have to have other beer on hand, in case it sucks.

How did your cask beer turn out?

The cask turned out great! The beer was a crowd pleaser. I had bought beer engine, which I’ve wanted for some time. It really added to the experience, I believe. I’m pretty sure I hooked it up correctly, it didn’t leak anyway. I did buy it from Northern Brewer after an attempt on EBay UK fell through. I kind of expected a diagram of the hook up to be included in the box, and there was nothing. I’m not sure I used all the gaskets I was supposed to, I suppose the system could have been sucking air from somewhere. I guess that’s really not a problem when the beers only good for a couple of days anyway.

I am glad to hear it. I just serve by gravity, but it is a great drinking experience when it turns out right. Cheers!

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