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Cascadian dark ale

Anyone brew one. Our house guest is a home brewer from Olympia Washington and he says that’s what they call the black IPA. Makes more sense to me

I brewed a Wookey Jack clone nearly 3 years ago and it turned out pretty good. I had a few buddies that couldn’t get past the darkness of it but it drank like an IPA to me.

Its one of my Winter beer’s on tap. Its a great beer not overly hoped and still malty and easy drinking
IBUs 52
10 lbs Maris otter
0.63 lb Carafa II
0.25 lb Biscuit Malt
0.25 lb Chocolate Malt
0.25 lb Crystal Malt 60
0.25 lb Crystal Malt 20
1oz Sorachi Ace hops 60 minutes
0.5 oz Amarillo hops 15 minutes end of boil
0.5 oz Sorachi Ace hops at flame out
0.5 oz Sorachi Ace hops dry hopped 14 days
0.5 oz Amarillo hops dry hopped 7 days


Never brewed one. If you reallly want to mess with people look into Sinamar.

Had to look that up.

So a question then… Can you take the C-60 and C-20 and just use C-120, then knock down the amount used… ? Sneezles61

You could substitute it for that but it won’t give you the same flavor. C-20 is alittle malty mild toffee flavor and c 60 gives a toasted bread and soft caramel flavor. Where c-120 will give you pronounced caramel, burnt sugar and raisiny flavors

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