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Cascade Hops--past their prime?

Hi all, here are photos of my second year Cascades–they are much bigger than last years crop, but still have NO smell whatsoever… Is it possible that they are over-ripe? Some of them are beginning to turn brown which is concerning me and making me wonder if I missed the opportunity to harvest?

I am in New York, and these broke ground in April.


I’ve harvested mine MUCH browner than that. Have you broken a cone open yet and looked at the yellow lupulin inside? Is it powdery? Tear one apart and roll it in your hands. Then smell it? Those look (to me anyway) that they could go a little longer. Do they feel dry and papery at all? I try to harvest my Cascade when they look a bit like the color of an old well-used dollar bill.

when they start turning brown is one of several signs they are ripe, in general. feel em == do they feel damp, or papery? squish em = damp and watery sound or raspy papery sound? watery/damp = green. crispy/paper=ripe.

split one in half== the yellow lupulin should be dark yellow, like highway centerlines.

As you roll one in your fingers, pinching and squishing it, NOW smell it == anything?

Hi Guys–this is phenomenal advice–thanks! I’m going to keep
these comments for future reference! Going to go out and check.


They look to have more maturation to go. IMO the bracts should begin to pull hack from the cone and when the cone is rubbed it will have a raspy dry sound. Those look nice but also look too moist.

I’m at Lake Ontario, my Galena just became into picking status within in the last 2 days. My Columbus will be ready within a week I estimate.

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