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Carribou Slobber 1 Gallon Recipe vs. 5 Gallon Recipe

First, let me start by saying how much I loved the Carribou Slobber 1 Gallon Kit I made. So much so I was looking to purchase the 5 gallon kit next. I was going over my notes and comparing the recipes when I noticed that there’s a difference in the 1 Gallon Recipe vs. the 5 Gallon Recipe. Here are the links:

1 Gallon: … GALLON.pdf

5 Gallon: … lobber.pdf

Mostly I notice the 5 gallon kit adds in 1 oz. US Goldings which weren’t in the 1 gallon kit. It appears there may be a small change to the Malt Extract as well.

I guess my question is, has anyone done both kits and is the overall beer similar? I loved the 1 gallon kit and would like to do a 5 gallon kit.

Hop utilization is greatly affected by the size of the boil. The additional hops in the 5 gallon kits are so the beer hits the target IBU mark and certain flavor/aromas that are achieved just fine with the fewer hops in the 1 gallon kit.

You’ll get the same beer…in fact, you’ll probably get a better beer. The Caribou Slobber was intended to be a 5 gallon batch. So the 5gal recipe is the kit is with the ingredients as it was intended to have.

They have to pair back and adjust down to 1 gallon size.

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