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Carlsberg Clone?

Anybody have any ideas on a clone for Carlsberg? Or where I might look to get an idea for what type of style this beer is?

Which one? The basic Carlsberg is a pils. Hard to say exactly what specific ingredients go into it as it’s a big corporate mass market brew. But try using a blend of German pilsner malt and CaraPils or CaraHell in a 95/5 ratio to produce a 1.048 OG wort. Bitter and flavor with a blend of maybe Hallertau and Saaz hops to an IBU of 28-30 and ferment with Wyeast 2042 Danish lager yeast.

Just the regular one. Not the Elephant or whatever else they have.
All I have for yeast is Saflager S-23 . Will using this make a big difference compared to using Wyeast 2042 Danish lager yeast. Also, I am a Extract brewer, not an All Grain guy.

W34/70 would be better.

For the Carlsberb HOF, I’ve found the following link: ... 520#p85193

I’m brewing this recipe on Sunday… We’ll see how it turns out! :cheers:

That recipe says to boil for 90 min.
Would I boil for 60 min if I use Extract?

[quote=“pryorkt”]That recipe says to boil for 90 min.
Would I boil for 60 min if I use Extract?[/quote]

Yes, I think you’d be ok for extract…

Let me know how your recipe turns out in a month or so.

I just kegged it after lagering it for five weeks, and the taste test was extremely promising! I hope to have it carbonated by Saturday to get the official word, but it was DELICIOUS going into the keg. Very Carlsberg-like…

That sounds great! I am very happy to hear that it tastes promising like Carlsberg. I will definitely try this recipe in the near future. I am lagering a Rolling Rock Clone right now. So when I am done with that, I’ll try Carlsberg.

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