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Caribou slobber yeast

For my second batch of beer Ive decided to brew the caribou slobber extract kit. I am trying to decide which yeast to use. Ive read bad and some good things about the 3 that NB suggests. For those that have brewed caribou slobber, which yeast did you use and how did you like it? Im not going for anything fancy, just want to make a good brown ale. Cheers!

A common question.

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Any of the yeasts suggested here:

Heck, you could pitch the old standby US-05 in there and make a fine ale.

The best way to know the characteristics of each yeast is to try them.

I’ve used all of them, and prefer 1450 or 1056.

+1 to stickboy. They will all make a good beer. Try a couple of different batches using the different yeasts and find out what tastes best to you. After all, taste is subjective, and really the most important part of making your own beer. Brew what you think tastes good…Oh darn, another reason to make more beer. Prost!!!

Remember back in elementary school? The first chapter of the science book discussed the scientific method: repeat a series of experiments changing ONE variable each time. It works.

I recently did three beers with the same grain bill, same hop schedule, same mash schedule, and different yeasts (each fermented near the bottom of their advertised temperature range). The Saison, US-05, and 34/70 yeasts produced three very different (and very good) beers. It was worth the effort for the information it gave, to say nothing of the good beer it produced.

I’ve done the Slobber twice. Two years ago I used the WY1332 Northwest ale. This year I used S-04.
Both turned out great, and of course the S-04 was a little easier(no starter). I think I would use almost any American or English ale yeast I might happen to have handy. Personally, the only strain I wouldn’t use is a Belgian type, but that’s me.

I’ll bet caribou slobber would be great with a Belgian yeast.

Pretty sure 1968/002 is what the brewer said they use in the Can You Brew It episode

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