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Caribou slobber this wedness day

Gonna brew this wedness day a carribou. Slobber. Push the og grav a bit to 1.060. And. Plan to flame out hops as well. But first. A starter. Got some fresh kveik. Yesterday. Pfff 4 in the morning awake a plan a beer session.

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Ya gotta enjoy the AM! Noone to bother you, seems the air is calm… AAAAHHH… Sneezles61

Today brew day. Transfer. Deathringer to keg. Transfer. Siera madre to second. And yeast washing. Time to clean and sanatise. Kettle and. Carboy. Damm carboy. Has a crack in the neck. Pure anger. Still have enough. Carboys. But now gonna order two. Conical fermentors.

What conicals have you been looking at? Ive been looking at the SS Brewbucket but cant see spending that much for a fermenter. Ive also looked at Spiedel plastic fermenters but they are not conical. Seem to be good quality and the price is right, and I like the idea of a valve to transfer.

Did look at the one at nb. 99.99 $ kind of expensive . Got to buy the stand as well. Dont think my wife will let me drill into the wall. To total. About 130 $for one. Would like to get the stainless steel conical fermentor. Do like the way of transfering beer

Check this page they are made for water storage. But maybe good for beer brewing fermenting

Do you have a link? That website doesn’t bring up anything.

EDIT: I’ll just go ahead and Google that for myself.

These are the Speidel fermenters

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But can you use these. Think they made for water storage.

In the description they claim for fermenting beer and wine. This may be a good alternative to the SS fermenter… hhhhmmmm… Sneezles61

That looks really interesting and you could probably just build a wood base for a conical easy enough out of 2x4 cheaper than buying a stand. My only issue would be temp control. Right now use a CoolBrew cooler setup for my first stage of fermentation then when that settles down I can pull it out and my basement keeps things at about 68 F naturally. I know you ferment at a higher temp with that high temp yeast so it wouldn’t be an issue for you anyway. Let us know if you pull the trigger and buy and what quality they are. They look easy enough to clean and sanitize. Would like to know more about them.

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Will do. The wood stand would be good idea. Build a stand so i can fit three in a row. For example. Order will next year. The misses say got enough. Toys right now. But a xmas gift would be cool

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Do what I do… order what you want and sneak it in the house. Then act like you don’t know what she’s talking about when she calls you out on it. :imp:

One time it was so long that I couldn’t figure out what the “black spaceship like thingy in the corner” she was talking about! :joy:


Sounds like a plan. Ask my buddy to bring it ship it to his house. Mmm. Should have new music coming today. In the mail. Testament. And metallica

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