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Caribou Slobber Question

Hello all,

This is my first try at home brewing, tried the Caribou Slobber with the dry yeast. Followed the recipe and had an Original Gravity of 1.050 and a final (after 2 weeks, stayed the same for 4 days) of 1.020. Didn’t get as low as I was expecting, but after reading around on here I felt more confident. I left it in the primary another week after the 1.020 final gravity and racked to bottles with the 5oz of priming sugar one week ago. Because I am so excited about this beer I had to taste one today. I cracked it open, decent amount of carbonation, but it was rather sour. From my 1.020 final gravity i was expecting the beer to be on the sweeter side. Does this mean I mussed up big time somewhere, or am I just tasting the suspended yeast in the bottle that hasn’t settled yet? (the beer was quite cloudy).

Any help would be great! Thanks!

This one takes a while to condition in the bottle, and the flavors will smooth out over time. Try it in another week and the flavors will be different. After a month or two it will taste like a completely different beer. This is one of the brews where the flavor changed the most from the first bottle to the last.

Yeah, it took a good 3 weeks for the hops to settle back into the other flavors. Once they did, it was really good!

Thanks guys, guess I’ll wait and see!

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