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Caribou Slobber Question

Already through the primary, secondary in glass carboy, and bottled. It has sat for about a week and I couldn’t resist and popped one open to try it. (This is my first brew attempt mind you) It was kinda bitter but still had good flavor, will sitting in the bottles another week tone down the bitterness? It has only been in bottles for about a week.

Depends on the recipe. Letting it condition in the bottles for longer will definitely allow the flavors to mellow out and kinda melt together some more. As a general rule, 2-3 weeks in the bottle and it should be just fine.

One thing to remember, if it tastes good and you enjoy drinking it? Then I was a success!

I’ve only done one brew which was a True Brew Belgian Ale. It spent one week in primary. But I know that after one week in the bottle, I was impressed, but it was bitter. After 3 weeks conditioning 55-60 deg, I put 12 22 oz bottles in the fridge. They are better than the week one brew, but still a touch off in the bitter dept. So, I moved the other 12 pack to a spot a little warmer. Had one this week, OUTSTANDING. Had some friends try one, thought it was great, exceeded expectations. So, I decided to sit on this batch I have in my primary. I read almost nightly about this hobby. This is what i’ve learned as a beginner. Keep it clean, and forget it’s there. Time is my friend.

I am working through my first batch of Slobber, and I have taken taste tests at every stage (including unpitched wort). The bitterness gradually tucks itself into the malt flavors as time passes. I drank a bunch last weekend after 1 week in the bottles, and I really liked it, but the hops were definitely more prominent than they are in most American brown ales, and certainly more than in Moose Drool.

Last night, I cooled some bottles that have remained out in room temperature, making for 1.5 weeks of bottle conditioning, and there was an obvious difference. The hops have mellowed even further, and now it tastes almost exactly like I remember Moose Drool tasting (haven’t had it since July, when I was out in Idaho). A buddy of mine happened to be over last night and last weekend and tried it at both stages of bottle conditioning. He agrees that everything now has come together more fully. At this point, I can’t imagine it will change much more, as everything seems to be in perfect balance, but we’ll see!

Give it some time. You’ll love this beer.

I’m new to this forum as well as new to brewing so if any of my terminology is wrong feel free to correct me so I don’t sound stupid later! Since you guys here are talking about Caribou Slobber I’ll ask my question here. The directions that came with the extract kit say 1 to 2 weeks in primary then go to the secondary. When I pitched the yeast it foamed great for about 3 days then about day 4 the krousen? dropped off and the airlock slowed to only bubbling every minute or two. So my question is this: When I read John Palmer’s How to Brew it tells you transfer to the secondary carboy after the krousen drops around 2 to 6 days, but the directs from NB say 1 to 2 weeks. Which route did you guys go and will it make a difference? Thanks again!


If you brewed with the extract kit leave it sit for 4-6 weeks in the bottle, it gets way better. I won’t brew this again, but letting it sit realy, realy makes a difference.

Good to know! I did brew with the extract kit since it was my first attempt at brewing. I completely bypassed the whole Mr. Beer step and went straight to NB deluxe setup and I’m glad I did. I figure I’ll brew a few more extracts to get used to the whole fermentation in the carboys part down. Then, I’ll start getting the stuff together to learn how to brew all-grain. Haven’t even drank my first homebrew and already hooked! I think after I taste the first one I am going to spend way too much money on this hobby…

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