Caribou Slobber Not Fermenting

I brewed my caribou slobber on wednesday night. I hydrated the yeast in 4oz of water and poured it into the wort, its been 48 hours now and still no bubbles in the air lock. Temp is high 60’s in the room in the basement. I am not sure if I did something wrong or what is going on.

I did a stout a few weeks back that I haven’t sampled yet, and it started soon but only lasted like 3 days…

there was a post a bit like this in the yeast section. comment I made there was make sure your lid it sealed tight (assuming you are using a bucket)

+1. That’s a good bet. Even when the lid snaps soundly they may not be completely airtight.

You can also hold a flashlight to the side of the bucket and see if you’re getting any krausen. …or just pop the lid and look.

First thing I checked was the lid. It’s good and tight.

I opened up the lid, and here is what i found… I am not sure if this is right or not.

Looks fine to me, and looks like you had active fermentation as evidenced by what looks like krausen “tracks” on the side of the bucket.

Hmmm, hard to tell from your photo(I’m getting some weird pixellation when I try to zoom in), but it does looks like it’s fermenting, though I would expect a more uniform cap of krausen by now. I don’t think two days is enough time for the krausen to build up and drop just yet, but who knows, maybe so. Make sure your lid is on tight, pound it down all the way around with the heel of your hand, then push down in the center of the lid near the airlock several times. You should see bubbles come out of the airlock when you push in, and when you release the lid you should be able to see water pulled up under the little floating cap. If it doesn’t do this, your lid very likely isn’t sealed yet.

I did do that with the lid, and it seems sealed, the air lock did release air when i pushed down. I guess we will have to wait and see… I’d just like to know if i screwed it up so i can brew another batch :wink:

I’m thinking it is fine. sorry about your good luck… :smiley: