Caribou Slobber krausen

I have had this Caribou Slobber (extract) in the primary since 2/17/2013. I actually plan on trying the ‘skip secondary’ method with this batch. The thing i am noticing here is, the krausen is still sitting on top. I’d say it’s easily 2" thick all across the top.

Any worries here?

Edit: yeast is Liquid Wyeast 1332 Northwest Ale

rock the fermenter a few times to break up the krausen. It should break up and fall in within a day or two.

Will do.


What a coincidence, I brewed the the Caribou Slobber the same day. First brew for me. Am about to keg mine. Good luck.

Will do.


Like 560 said, sometimes the surface tension needs to be disturbed to get the krausen to drop. A gentle rock or swirl will do the trick.

Or rack from underneath it.