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Caribou Slobber Help!

Hi all! I just upgraded to the deluxe kit and brewed a caribou slobber last Friday. After 4 days fermenting, it has a tan layer of sediment under a white layer of sediment. Is this the start of an infection? I ask because my airlock blew off the first night, overflowed and was probably off for 5 hrs. I know, more head room next time.

I cleaned, reinserted and then put a fully cleaned airlock in later since there was a little slobber in the airlock.

Any help or feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

The tan layer is trub, and the white layer is yeast settling on top. Perfectly normal!


And a blow off hose may be in your future… Look that up on the internet… you’ll see a few variations… Sneezles61

Thanks all! Yeah, I’ll be getting that setup going for the next batch

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