Caribou Slobber fermentation

Saturday I brewed my 1st batch of beer. Sunday everything seemed to be going well. The wert had a very nice head and my air lock was bubbling away. Today everything seem to have almost stopped. The wert has seemed to gone very flat and their is almost no bubbling in my air lock. I have the fermenter in a dark place around 71% temp. Is everything ok? or is my beer going bad?

Did you use liquid or dry yeast? Its not totally out of character for a dry yeast to ferment quickly. In addition your ferm temps are much too high. 71* ambient is probably closer to 77* ferm temps. This will cause esters and fusel alcohol. Look into ways to control your ferm temps.

Thank you for your reply. I used the dry yeast that came with the kit. I can move my fermenter to a cooler area. what temp do you recommend? Or is it too late?

Sorry, too late. I usually ferm in the lower to mid range of the “ideal” temp range. If you can’t get a temp controlled ferm chamber check into swamp coolers. Ferm temps are easily 5-6* above ambient temps.

It will be drinkable, but just know that keeping temps much lower would have made it much better