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Carboy hauling

Maybe this isn’t anything new to some of you. I have to carry my carboys up and down steps from fermentation area to the kitchen to transfer and bottle. I’ve found a milk crate works great. Sturdy, stable and safe


That’s a good idea. I personally use buckets for beer glass carboys for wine. They make me nervous moving them. I’ll have to get some crates

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Do you move your fermentor a day or two before racking to let sediment settle back down?

Just a couple hours prior. Sounds like that’s not enough

Just started with a carboy issue today. Transferred to secondary and now my airlock keeps coming loose. It’s not sealing and eventually works it way free. I’ve never had this issue. I’ve tried two different ones. Same type. But it keeps happening. Solution?

Sounds like a clash of temperatures… Somethings hot and somethings cold and one of them is “sweating” i.e. condensation acting as a lubricant and the co2 is pushing the bung w airlock out…It should resolve when things/temps/ equilibrate. My .02 cents.

How full is the carboy? Maybe a lot of CO2 pressure forcing it to pop.

Some say it is the type of material the stopper is made from or cleaning residue. One fix is making sure the bung and carboy neck are dry. This takes wiping though. I like to keep surfaces that close to the beer wet with sanitizer.

I only use the universal stoppers with glass carboys. Meaning they are not a special size. I had an odd stopper once that would slip. Used a length of copper wire around the carboy neck and over the stopper to keep it in.

That stopper is now on my carboy brush to prevent scratching.

It’s in secondary. 5 gals. Little or no bubbling. I don’t think the CO2 is pushing it out. I think it’s just not sealing and since it’s forced into the neck, the squeeze is just pushing it out. 5 times now in the hour since transferring. I just wiped both surfaces again with sanitizer, dried, and pushed it back in. See what happens

That seemed to work. Surfaces were too wet

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That “nipple” which the airlocker pushes into also fits inside 1/2" ID tubing… Once I figured that out… I used the blow off tubing start to finish… Sneezles61


Maybe the wrong size?

Last step to make the steps easier would be to mount your rig on a staircase skateboard so you could just push it up and down. They sell tank tread models on amazon for very little.
Then there is this…

Duct tape temporarily until it stops acting weird.

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