carboy cleaner

Using a long paint mix paddle, the kind with the plastic spiral end, I just made a carboy cleaner. very easy. cut of the fins, drill a hole in the remaining plastic, attach three pieces of green scrubby using zip ties.

attach to hand drill and spin the crud away. awesome.

cost: about $5.


Sounds good, any chance you can post a pick?

Here’s a couple. Just need to cut the plastic paddle-end down until it is narrow enough to slip into a carboy.

took 2 minutes to clean my carboy…sparkling clean.


Stormy brew, the idea is, you send away for the patent first…then post the cool idea? : ) I will be making one of these, thanks for the free idea, I was about to send you $14.99 for one of these, wait…I mean two, as long as I paid for additional processing fees!

I like it. Simple but effective.

Might have a problem with that patent…

Thanks for the pic, I might have to give this a go.

That commercial carboycleaner thing looks cool, I saw that awhile back and am debating on whether I’d use it.

Might have a problem with that patent…
The guy in that video doesn’t know how to use a carboy brush…there needs to be an additional bend in the bristled end in order for it to work.

But that drill idea is pretty intuitive.

LOL, I dont’ need no stinking patent. Just a small attempt at paying it forward for all the “free” brewing advise received here over the past 5 yrs.