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Carboy cleaner

If you have ever seen these
you can make your own. If you have a wine degasser, zip ties and scrubbing pads and you are in business for the cost of the pads and zip ties.

Works like a charm. Spin it with your drill and pull it through the neck to get it all.

way cool, i’ll have to try that, thanks.

or you can just throw oxyclean in there, let it sit overnight, and rinse it out a few times…and you’re back in business

Here’s how I clean my carboy’s and kegs…

I use the blue carboy drain thingy to hold the carboy in place. A bit of warm water and some PBW and let it run how ever long I want. Cleans almost everything. I also switch out buckets which hold Oxyclean, StarSan or what ever I want to run through it. When cleaning a keg I attach the tubing to the in and out of the keg. I plan on adding a heat stick to keep the cleaner warm.

Another diy carboy cleaner:


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