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Carboy Bung Popping Out?

I purchased a 6 gallon glass carboy the other day from a local hombrew supply store to increase my primary fermentation storage from the one I received in the deluxe kit from NB. The carboy looks exactly like my other two glass versions (6,5 gallon) however the drilled carboy bungs from NB seem to pop up immediately after I put them in. Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas what I could do? I’m using a blow off tube temporarily.

yeah that happens to me sometimes. it sticks better if its dry. sometimes ill keep it down with a piece of duct tape


Well I’ve got one dried. I’ll see how long it will last.

Wipe it down with vodka and let it dry first. It will stay.

I just sanitized it in some Star San and let it dry out for 1-2 minutes and it seems to be holding now. Never had that on the other ones. Problem solved now.

You just did what I do and it works. A Shadetree trick :slight_smile:

Get a stopper 1/2 size smaller. I.e. a 6 1/2 instead of a 7.

I put on a piece of aluminum foil. I haven’t used an air lock in about 8 years. I still miss the bubbles once in a while though.

I used a carboy for the first time, and the bung kept popping out b/c it was wet also. I just kept jamming it in every time I walked by, and now its alllllllll set. I’m tryin’ to keep the home brewing thing as worry free and casual as possible. I got some great reviews from friends on the Caribou Slobber, although I think it has kind of a yeasty bite…

Ya, I’m definitely looking forward to trying out my batch of Caribou Slobber in the next couple of weeks. My other batch of English Bitter is almost ready to bottle and my first run at Hefeweizen is pretty damn tasty so far :slight_smile:

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