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Carboy Brush & Better Bottle?

Is the carboy brush safe on the Better Bottle? I was assuming no, and I thought I was told no. I just got a different kind from a different glass-cleaning manufacturer but it seems to be essentially the same material and stiffness. They swear that it will not scratch a plastic carboy. But obviously I am nervous for that to happen. Generally I’m successful just cleaning it by filling with B-Brite or another brewing cleanser, but sometimes that gunk just doesn’t wanna get off. This brush has a softer spongy part at the end which is good, but the bristles still have to enter the neck. Thoughts? Safe or only use on glass?



I usually just let the better bottle soak for an hour or so, then drain all but 1-2 gallons of the cleaning solution and put a terry washcloth into the bottle and swirl/shake it vigorously. That will remove pretty much anything without scratching. I doubt the bristles of the brush will scratch the carboy, but the metal portion might if it came in contact anywhere.

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i wouldn’t use the brush

PBW is easy to use, just get some dish washing gloves because it will degrade your skin, just like it works on the tough deposits in your fermenter.

I’ve used the rag/washcloth trick several times and it works pretty well. Just give it a good soak in PBW.

I use this and so far, am very happy with it. … eaner.html

I put a sock over my carboy brush and clean my better bottle. Works amazing.

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^ this, works great, no complaints.

I’ve done ~30 batches and have used the carboy brush on my better bottles. If there is thick sludge really stuck on there, I’ll turn it over in the sink half full of water to soak for about 30 minutes and it’ll practically just wash right off. The sock idea is something I’ll try.

I’ve used a carboy brush on my carboys for years, but have recently switched to soaking over night in PBW. They come out sparkling clean after I rinse the them with a bottle blaster. Uses more water, which I’m not a big fan of…oh well.

I just soak in PBW or Oxyclean overnight. Then rinse well with hot water. Never any need to scrub.

And almost no chance of any little baby bottle brushes running around nine months later! Genius!

I used to soak, but then I would leave it for a few days. The sock ensures that I can just clean it right away and be done with it. I just rinse out the loose stuff and then little PBW solution and a once over with the sock. (It does help if the sock is inside out) 3 minutes MAX of total time.

In this case, I would recommend you the soft brush. No matter you are looking for a baby bottle brush or drinking water brush, you can use the soft brush made with sponge so it won’t scratch the bottle.

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