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I tore apart a soda fountain Friday, the owner said throw it out! Yes sir, the carbonator was tossed into my truck. I’ve been checking stuff out on line about this. I think if I did things right, I should be able to carb my brew with this! Its a McCann carbonator, only has like the quart size tank with it, no big deal. I think I could push out of a keg into the water side, then the out put back into the liquid side of another keg. Looks very do-able. I’ll not git to try until Feb. sometime. Anyone ever see or even try this? Sneezles61

Wouldn’t that just be fizzy wort. Worth a try

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Ifn it doesn’t work, I can at least make fizzy water for me wifes drinks! Fizzy fridge tea? Fascinating… Sneezles61

Alot cheaper than the soda stream

Yeah, I was hoping that carbing a brew with this may speed up the process, maybe… Sneezles61

The CO2 won’t be hydrated which will result in a quickly dissipating head. Ever compare bottled soda to fountain soda?

Now, I wonder if you could run it from one keg through the carbonating, back into a keg to allow to hydrate. This way you might get there quicker…

My plan would be to put into a keg to chill and brighten, then do the transfer into a second keg whilst carbonating. Even has a regulator to adjust gas level. I wonder then turning down the pour volume too? I’ll need to tinker with it to see what it can and won’t do. But even if you can’t do a finished carbonation, getting half way there would be an improvement. Sneezles61

Gee whiz, another thought then too, recirc in the drinking keg? Sneezles61

Just a thought . Say you have some still cider and someone wants a carbonated version could you serve it through the carbonateor? Or say you have a beer on tap like a Weiss and if needs a little more could you run if through?


Oh I like the idea of a pop type fizzy cider!

Yes it can be. Its has a water side in, so, what ever you’d put into it has to be forced, ala CO2. Then, there another port that the gas goes into, and has a regulator to control the amount of gas that is being ADDED to the water and a motor to spin a pump to combine the two. I think the canister afterwards, is where it sets, combined, and a switch, so when a draw is detected, it is turned on… Sneezles61

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