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Carbonation seems like Champagne

Tried my first bottle of Honey Ale after 2 weeks fermenting, 1 1/2 in bottle.
The bubbles were very tiny and didn’t yield much of a head.
The carbonation reminded me of champagne instead of beer.

any ideas?

i used the White House Honey Ale kit from N.B. and used the fizz drops that were included.

was your glass clean? I mean free of residue from a dishwasher, etc? This can affect head retention

How long did you chill it before drinking?

The glass was clean from the dishwasher, but nothing beyond that.
Chilled for… probably two hours.

would either of these effect the carbonation, or just the head?

Chill the beer longer before drinking. I’ve never used fizz drops but IMO weighing the correct amount of priming sugar for the specific style and carbonation level will give you the best results.

+1 to MHALL. the act of chilling the beer will force the CO2 into the beer. Also, dishwashers can and usually do leave a residue on the glass which affects head retention.

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