Carbonation reference

I was tasting an IRA that a friend brewed last night and I felt it was slightly overcarbed. Which got me thinking about carbonation levels. I normally check out the volumes of CO2 for the style and weigh out the needed priming sugar and mix it in. However I feel like I have a hard time translating what that level of carbonation will actually taste/feel like. What’s the best way to judge carbonation?

I’ve found the only way I can determine the amount of carbonation for a beer is from my notes on previous beers. The carbonation level for the Dry Irish Stout, according to NB’s calculator is too flat for me. The carbonation level for a Tripel or a Hefeweizen is to high for my liking.

did find out by trail and error me only keging beer so it easy to adjust my co2 to the keg . and what flars said compare notes from your beer brew journal.