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Carbonation level of Hefeweizen and bottle bomb risk

Hey everyone,
Recently brewed a hefeweizen. Partial mash, low gravity, brewed with White Labs WL300, nothing too fancy. It’s been a little over a week in primary. Took a gravity reading today and I came pretty close to hitting my target FG (1.012). I plan to bottle this brew after leaving it in the fermenter for another week.

Now…I understand that this style of beer is typically more highly carbonated. I have both 22 oz bombers which were all purchased from my LHBS, and 12 oz bottles which pretty much all came from commercial brews (no twistoffs, the majority are from craft brew or micro breweries). All are in good condition and have no cracks.

However, what is the typical threshold that a 12 oz bottle can take as far as carbonation? If I did carb this higher, what’s the risk I’m running of an exploding bottle? And when I say exploding, I mean an actual glass explosion, not just gushing beer. Would the 22 oz bombers be adequate? I think I read somewhere that German Hefeweizens are served in stronger bottles suited for the carbonation style.

Anyone with any experience bottling hefe, would love to hear from ya

The Dude

I have carbed to 4 volumes in a variety of 12 oz bottles, 16 and 22 oz crown cap and swing top bottles, and have not had any bottles explode. I think a few of those batches (one saison in particular) actually carbed higher than that due to some continued attenuation in the bottle. I would weigh your sugar based on fermentation temp and desired carbing levels though, using a calculator like the one on beersmith or something similar.

I’ve also done 4 vols on my weizen beers. No explosions using a myriad of different types of bottles.

I like to keep my hefe’s just under 3 vols.

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