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Carbonating an Irish Red Ale

How long will yeast stay suspended after moving your home brew from primary to a secondary carboy? I have an Irish Red that has been in secondary for about a week and was curious how long it can stay in secondary without worrying about enough active yeast left in the brew.

You could leave it in the secondary for a few months without worry. Quite often you can get a better beer by a longer primary time and no secondary.

Can the taste be effected by the large amounts of trub left on the bottom of the fermenter? I read on john palmer’s “How To Brew” book and discussed the effects of home brew being exposed to dying yeast for long periods of time.

What you are talking about is autolysis which takes MONTHS to occur. Really like a year+. Palmer has come out and said secondaries are as necessary as what was once thought. Personally I see my beer clear quicker when they racked to secondary and unless you rack haphazardly oxidation is of little concern.

Gotcha! Thanks for the info.

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