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Carbonating a Stout

I keg my beer. Is it me or is it harder to carbonate a Stout. It seems easier to carbonate a lighter beer. My Stout will have a nice frothy head but once the head disappears, the Stout seems a little flat. What am I doing wrong?

It would seem you arent carbing long enough. What is your usual method of carbing your beer?

One problem with stouts is of perception. Many commercial stouts use beer gas, not CO2, and that gives a very creamy carbonation. It may be that you are missing that sensation that you might associate with stouts.

I keg as well, and have never had any particular issue with stouts. Not like dry hopped beers where hop oils can form a film over the surface that impedes carbonation.

My stouts are very nice and creamy head with tight bubbles but I agree that it takes a little longer, especially if you are bottle conditioning. I keg mine and find that they are very nicely carbed at about 3 weeks after kegging.

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