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Carbonate 5L mini kegs

Hi All,

I have recently started to put my home brew in to the 5L mini kegs(

though I am having a few issues with carbonation in these kegs. Firstly these mini kegs were primed with 23g of dextrose (which apperantly is too much and 15g is the suggested amount?) and the minikeg i just cracked has been in the cupboard in the laundry for about 3.5 weeks and in the fridge for about 4 days.

The first few pours were all froth (which is expected) and then as I added CO2 as required to keep the beer coming from the keg. 7 of the glasses I poured came out with a little too much head, but it settled down to a nice full head but there was little to no bubbles. On the bottom of the glass I reckon there would have been about 6 bubbles total.

Strangly though I did pour a glass in between those 8 that was full of bubbles and I sat it under my tounge for a few seconds and i felt the fizz.

Considering one glass did have fizz in it I am a little confused, considering the rest were dead flat.

I have seen a topic on this forum regarding creating a new tap for these mini kegs (viewtopic.php?f=3&t=61167&start=120), though I am little confused. Is this to Force Carbonate these or is it purely for pouring?

Is it better to naturally carbonate these mini kegs or is it better to force carbonate (if possible).

Sorry about the long post.

Am hoping someone can provide some help.

Thanks again.



I think you really need the added taps like in that thread to dispense properly. The built in tap they come with is meant to dispense with gravity. The CO2 pressure you need to keep it carbonated will make it foam with that short tap line.

Search for ‘balanced system’ and you’ll get more detail.


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