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Carbing the keg

So, I transferred my beer from secondary to keg a couple days ago, and stuck it in my fridge. I want to add the co2 to it so it can carb up. What is the best way to do this? Hook it up and dial the reg to about 10lbs? Shooting for it to be ready by Saturday, and dont want to mess with force carbing if it will be good by then. Is this the right way, and do you guys thing it will be ready by Saturday?

I have found that beers will carbonate differently as far as time is concerned. Some of it depends on final gravity, some on ingredients. A beer that used vanilla will take a little longer because of the oils in it. It makes a barrier that the co2 doesn’t make it through easily…

Anyways, that being said, your procedure is sound. What you plan is still considered force carbonating. I dont think your beer will be completely carbed by Saturday if you just set the pressure and walk away. You can set the co2 to serving pressure and rock it back and forth a couple times a day without fear of over carbonating. If you do this, you should be good to go by Saturday.

You are “forcing” CO2 into solution. Or you naturally carbonate it with sugar.

Then there is the set it and forget it method. Or, raise the psi method and hope you don’t over carbonate it.

Set it and forget it method most likely will not get it carbonated by Saturday. But if you shake it 3+ time a day should get you close.

If you do this be careful as it is REALLY easy to over carb using this method. This is how I do it:

  1. Set the regulator to the level that it needs to be for correct volume of CO2
  2. Place on gas connect. Listen for the gas to stop.
  3. Take off gas connect and shake
  4. Repeat. You will probably do this 3-4 times
  5. Listen as you place the gas connect on. When carbed it won’t make noise
  6. Check. If it needs more CO2 continue this. I would check after each addition now.

Although 10lbs is common, you need to make sure you set the regulator to the correct volume of CO2 with the correct temp of the beer. Not all styles request 2.6-2.7 volumes.

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