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Carb problem

Hi- I just started kegging and after 2 weeks I get very little foam. CO2 has been steady in fridge at 600 psi. Fridge has been at 40 degrees and kerg has been set at 40 degrees. Beer is carbed but has a liitle flat foam. Also, my hose with party hanle is 44 inches. Any ideas? thanx-----Jimmy

600psi is the tank pressure. What is the pressure to the keg?

What size (diameter) is the beverage line?

You’re looking at the wrong gauge. What you’re looking at there is the tank pressure (and probably the tank pressure at 40 deg F). I’ll assume that your currently set to 10 PSI for your beer–it’s almost certainly at a non-zero number, as you suggest you can pour–so, set it up to 15-20 PSI and let it sit there another week. Then reset it to 10 PSI and bleed off the excess in the headspace using the PRV.

what does guage means ? can someone please elaborate ?

Some gas requlators have 1 gauge, some have 2. The “high side” give the pressure of the tank. The “low side” give the pressure to the kegs (or torch in the case of an oxy-acetylene set up).

The “high side” really doesn’t do much good in the brewing world as the tank pressure will remain constant up to the point that there is no liquid left in the tank. When all the liquid turns to a gas state, the pressure will drop like a rock. Giving you very few servings before you are out of gas. So it is best to have some type of backup system. Another large tank or even a small paint ball tank to get you through a weekend/party until you can get your main tank filled.

Strange as it may be, I saw a jockey box kit from a local distributor that only had a high side gauge on the regulator. Kinda difficult to get a good pour with out knowing the serving pressure you are using.

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