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Captain Crush bearings shot

The bearings on my Captain Crush appear to be going. For my last two brews I got copper dust on the deck. Yesterday, as I was milling the grain, on the second pass mind, the drive roller seized several times. I was able to reverse and power through. But I think the bearings are shot. Anyone know of a good replacement part? Or do you think I can fix this?

Here’s the pic the should have uploaded…

that doesn’t look good… I would try find roller bearings to replace that… May take some head scratching’ to git them to fit… Drillin’ new journals to accept them? Sneezles61

I have not seen any replacement parts listed anywhere. I a own captain too. After looking at mine and around the net. Looks like buy new rollers and use the hopper. But I will keep searching

Measure the sizes in 1000’s of an inch and quere the internet… Sneezles61

Check out It might be riding on some type of bronze bushing. Not sure why you would get brass or bronze particles from a bearing. But I’m sure they’re using a standard off-the-shelf part, and you can probably get it from a distributor. If not, try calling NB or the manufacturer - they can probably get you a replacement.

I sent the same picture to NB Customer service a month ago. (That’s the picture from the previous brew, not yesterday’s) They said, “A little wear and tear is normal, and all rollers can produce some shavings, which are filtered out during the brewing process. The main cause for this is usually friction.” From not ever having seen noticeable shavings to the thing suddenly turning into a glitter factory is apparently “a little wear.”

Well…and tear.

That’s a bunch of BS on their part… that’s not normal wear and tear. But I suspect you know that already.

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See if you can get the bearing out. Maybe a thought. A motorcycle part store might have bearings what you might can use. If you know the size. To get it out you might have to use some heat. So it becomes lose. Take a metal rod. And hammer. Carefull. Dont use to much force it pops out than.

Now that it’s to late. I put a little oil on the bearing or bushing in my JSP. Just a drop or two of 3-in-1. Had it for years.

My Captain Crush has started to squeal quite loudly while it’s crushing. I’ve had it for 2 years and all I’ve done is brush it off after use. I thought I had read somewhere that oiling the bearings could cause gumming?


I think thats a lack of teeth… A drop of oil will go a long ways, and yer motor should be strong enough to not be bothered by a bit of collected grain dust. Do wipe it off tho… Sneezles61

The recommendation I got was for food-safe silicon lube.

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