Capital Hop Cream

Saw this one from Capital Brewery: Hop Cream.

Golden and brilliantly clear. Slight creamy head is very floral. Taste is also floral with a little citrus. Very hoppy like an IPA. Not much body to it and I could see where someone could say that it is a little watery in the mouthfeel. Would be better if it was summer and warm but this one is definitely one for the hop heads to check out.

I agree. I tried this one in a mixed six pack recently and was very pleasantly surprised. Capital is a hit or miss with me; I love this one and the autumnal fire but many of their other brews leave me unimpressed

It is really tasty. It’s got a nice mild roast flavor-probably a small amount of roasted barley which helps with the color as well. (they do list roasted barley on their website for Red Hoptober). I’m really liking the different styles they are going with for their seasonals-for awhile they were all slight variations on pale ale, with maybe a wit in the summer.