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Capital Ghost Ship White IPA

Capital Ghost Ship White IPA. Per the label:

“This unfiltered ale is brewed with wheat and citrus which are accentuated by the bright grapefruit flavor and aroma of Amarillo hops. Don’t let it’s pale color fool you. It’s scary Good!”

My review: No…no it is not.

Straw in color with a big creamy head. Fair amount of carbonation with a yeasty pour. The aroma was very mild and very “Belgian witty” as expected. The flavor was dominated by wheat, wheat and more wheat. Did I mention there was a wheaty flavor to this? If there was citrus or spice in there somewhere I certainly couldn’t find it. I like a good white beer and a good wit beer but I am definitely NOT a fan of straight wheat beers. This is a straight up, hardcore, punch you in the face wheat beer. Did I forget to tell you about the wheat?

I applaud Capital for trying to branch out and their whole nautical theme they got going on is kitchy but this is one ghost ship that needs to be sunk and forgotten.

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