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Can't weigh my fresh hops. How to estimate amount

I just harvested a fairly small qty of hops. After drying, I’m ready to add them for a dry hop. I’m using an extract kit (American Ale ) and was thinking that a couple of ounces would work, but I have no method to weigh them. Right now, I have a large zip lock bag full of fresh hops and was going to dump em all in for 10 days or so prior to kegging.

I know the dry hopped aroma fades over time so I’m not overly concerned about using too much, but was wondering what other home brewers have done.


A large ziplock bag sounds like allot of hops but I am sure it will turn out great either way! 10 days sounds perfect.

Can you maybe compare the weight of it to something else that weighs 2oz?

If it is difficult to judge, maybe you could make a makeshift scale with a stick, attach a bag on the other side with 2oz of something in it and take hops out until it balances?

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