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Can't seem to wash the hop smell away

So i’ve got a blow off tube that for the first time is insisting on retaining a very stong hop odor.
I’ve soaked this in oxyclean at one point, rinsed and then soaked with PBW overnight.
The smell still isn’t gone.

Would you guys be worried about using this in another brew? (as far as contamination)

How old is it?

It should be “ok” if you have soaked it well in PBW and Starsan (or equivalent).

However, if it were me, I would just get new tubing - it is so cheap that it is just not worth the risk in my opinion. I routinely replace tubing in my brewing. I would say once or twice a year or so, I just throw in an extra $10 of tubing of various sizes in an order so that I always have some unused tubing on hand. If I suspect some tubing has passed its prime, I just throw it and use some new stuff.

It’s about 6 months old, but I’ve only needed a blow off on maybe even batches.
This iipa was extremely hop heavy in the whirlpool… So that may be why the smell lingers.

Good point on the cheapness, I’ll just grab some more.

All of my plastic fermenter buckets smell of hops and have yet to notice contribution to a beer. Being that it is a blow off tube that is of concern, personally, I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again. But if you are really concerned about it, replace it, it’s cheap.

+1. My buckets and tubing have a hop smell. I haven’t noticed any problem with my buckets contributing anything bad to other beers. And I’d be even less worried about a blow off tube. But yeah, tubing is cheap so if it bothers you just replace it. I replace tubing now and then but not because of a hop smell. It won’t affect your beer.

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