Candy for Carbing

Anyone here ever used Jolly Rancher candy as carb drops? Just curious, with the different flavors.

no, but I did use creme de menthe & creme de cocoa at bottling before. I ended up with massive gushers. I used priming sugar as well.

You know, I could actually see using those when racking to secondary. Some kind of “grasshopper beer”

I was just talking about how back in the day we used to put jolly ranchers in Zima. lol

I used just the mint in some, just the cocoa in others, and both in quite a few. it was in a batch of sweet stout. I wish I could give you specifics, but that was 13 years ago.

What about using malted milk balls in dark beers?

According to the hershey’s website each serving of jolly ranchers contains 11g of sugar and a serving is 3 candies, which comes to just about 3.6gs per candy. To carb a five gallon batch to 2.2 volumes i figure you need around 100g of sugar. My estimations puts that around .5 ranchers per bottle to carbonate to somewhere between 2.2 and 2.5 volumes.

A few years ago I used assorted hard candies as carb tabs in a batch I did, focussing on “Finnish” tastes that I thought my coworkers would enjoy. I did make sure to only use hard candies with a sugar base, which was a bit of a problem as xylitol is used more commonly here. 3 g of candy per bottle carbed it just about perfectly, but the flavor varied a huge amount depending on the candy. The salmiaki (salty licorice using ammonium cloride) and candy cane came out pretty weak; the fisherman’s friend was overpowering, and the tar flavor (yes, as in burnt pine sap - they really like that here) actually came out pretty good.