Can Wyeast 1388 be reuse after BOMM

Hi, I am new to wine making and I have read about BOMM twist for making mead. It appears the key ingredient is Wyeast 1388. Being a beer yeast can it be saved and washed for reuse?

Any yeast can be saved and re-used, there’s nothing special about brewing yeast that makes it viable for saving. The only thing that prevents re-use of yeast is their health, which is determined by how long they have been dormant and alcohol tolerance. This is why wine yeast isn’t best for re-using, because by the time they’ve fermented out the must, the high alcohol and low pH means poor health and poor performance on later batches. The same is true for brewers yeast - don’t re-use yeast from a high gravity brew.

Regardless of type of yeast, if you’re saving it after primary for a batch at less than ~7%ABV, you’re good to go. Above there, it’s probably best to start with fresh yeast. I don’t know the ABV of BOMM, but hopefully this gives you enough info to decide. :cheers:

Hi Porkchop,
Thank you the the reply, If I do make a mead I will ferment it in my conical fermenter that has a halve on the bottom. Maybe I can steal some yeast during the early stages of fermentation.Then I will add a little beer nutrient to the mix prior to washing and see what happens.