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Can’t sign in from pc phone works fine

Sign in on pc using chrome 98.0.4758.102. The circle goes round and round. Works fine from phone

It looks like some kind of Chrome security update. If you Google that IP there is info about it and how to make sure it is up to date. Mine says up to date and I am signed in no problem.

I was having a problem same problem. Android short cut wouldn’t let me sign in had to delete and reinstall works fine now.

I had to switch to microsoft edge. Could not find an update to chrome as it said I was up to date. Mark if you post a link I will follow it.

@Communiteq Richard, Can you add any advice to this thread? For unknown reasons some of us are having this issue, others not.

Let me just add that I have VPN with my Norton 360 so who knows where I am signing in from and am not having this problem.

Here’s what finally worked for me on my work laptop, historically I have always just typed in into my browser. That now leads to a site that shows unsecure for some reason and a spinning wheel that goes nowhere. If you type in it shows secure and I am back to full access. Also, the link from at the bottom of the home page works for me as well.


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thanks radagast that worked fine!

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I have to figure that I haven’t had any trouble with it because my bookmark is entire URL. Good to know.

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