Can not brew yet

Hi everyone I have made several batches so far. I bought the big mouth bubbler. I have the Irish red ale kit with it. I did not put anything in a refrigerator and it has been about 2 :?: 1/2 months. Do you think I can still brew it with no problems.

Did you get the dry yeast or the smack pack? If you have dry yeast, it is likely that everything will still be OK. There is a very small chance that the hops, extract and steeping grains (if present) will not be as fresh as should be, but I wouldn’t worry about it.

Wet yeast would need to be replaced.

I believe it is dry because the package mentions refrige before use and add water. That sounds like dry yeast?

Yup, that’s the dry yeast.

Thank you for all the responses. 8)